About Us

Seminole Mud Co. started in June of 1984, and comes to any worksite with over 30 years of real work experience. Seminole Mud Company was operated as a sole proprietorship until being incorporated in 1996 as Seminole Mud Co., Inc. In 1998 when Baroid closed their Seminole warehouse facility, Seminole Mud Company saw an opportunity to expand. They acquired the warehouse, as well as used Baroid's products.  In 2000, Seminole Mud Co. began construction on a new warehouse east of Seminole on highway 9. At the end of 2000, Seminole Mud Co. moved into their new facility and began providing their very own products. In 2005, Seminole Mud Co. purchased their own heavy equipment, skid steer loaders and trailers to haul large quantities of products and increase productivity. In October of 2012 Seminole Mud Co. teamed up with Bryce Barnard and Fred Gipson.


Since 1984

Today we excel at mud engineering and mud hauling services for our customer. We are looking forward to the expansion of Seminole Mud Co. LLC in the future, with plans to up-size our delivery trucks and hire additional personnel for warehousing, deliveries, and office staff.

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About Us and our equpiment