Our Drilling Fluids Experts

Our team consistist of 3 key contributors and additional support staff. Mark Easly, Bryce Barnard, and Fred Gipson form the core of Seminole Mud Company and bring with them a combined experience of over 30 years.


Mark Easley

Managing Partner


Mark Easley started Seminole Mud Company in June 1984 after working for Magcobar, Drilling Mud Inc., and Hughes Drilling Fluids. He incorporated in 1996 as Seminole Mud Co., Inc., purchasing mud and chemicals from wholesale warehouses until 1998. By the end of 2000, Mark moved into his new facility and worked on expanding his company. In October of 2012 Mark Easley teamed up with Bryce Barnard as a mud engineer trainee and mud hauler. Mark continues to work on site, while preparing Bryce for the expansion of Seminole Mud Co. LLC.

Fred Gipson



Fred Gipson was born and raised in Seminole, Oklahoma. He is a University of Oklahoma graduate with a law degree. Fred is a partner in Jerry Scott Drilling and has been involved in drilling and exploration for over 50 years.  Fred served as general counsel for the University of Oklahoma from 1988 to 1999.


Bryce Barnard

Mud Engineer


Bryce finished Mud Engineering School after studying energy management at the University of Oklahoma. While in school, Bryce had the opportunity to work in the oil field. He worked as a roughneck for Jerry Scott Drilling and Dan D. Drilling. Since being with Seminole Mud Co., Bryce has received his Commercial Drivers License (CDL), which allows him to operate the DOT vehicles to deliver our products. Prior experience in the oilfield gives Bryce a deeper understanding of mud engineering.